I need help! Boy drama totally complicates life so if anyone is reading…please message me or SOMETHING!

My prayers will go out to this family. No life should be cut this short. Where will your prayers go?

Best love story…EVER!

The greatest love story ever told was the one of God loving us unconditionally!:)

HP & Twilight fans…UNITE!!!

Where do Harry Potter fans and Twilight fans come together under one roof? The Hunger Games! Where else?! HP & Twilight fans were separated for many years because of their strong belief in our books and movies. True, we aren’t as extreme as the movie Vampire’s Suck makes us out to be, but we still argue fairly. Between the books and the new release on DVD & Blu-ray, a hit has been made! The mockingjay has been made a universal symbol for Katniss Everdeen and all the adventures she has had. It also is more than that. It is a universal sign showing everyone that no matter where they come from they can always make a change. Change yourself. Change your town. Change the world. So here is to the Hunger Games!

My recent convo:

@GypsyPrincess96: “I should be different than normal guys,” says ex-bf
“Nope, I date 4-5 guys a semester. You were just another thing on my todo list.”

Don’t you hate it when you scroll through all 800 contacts, but there’s not a single one that you want to text. Then the only one you want to text is the one you know you can’t have.

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Neverland isn’t a place; it’s an adventure waiting to happen!
One last chance

I’ll give her one more chance before I completely b**** her out!!!!

"Pride relates more to our opinion of ourselves; vanity to what we would have others think of us." ~Pride and prejudice